2017 Kenworth K370 Rihm Leasing, St. Paul, Minnesota

Used Trucks and Equipment for Sale

Rihm Leasing features a variety of vehicles available for sale, including Sleeper Trucks, Day Cabs, Box/Delivery Trucks, Dry Vans and Reefer Trailers.  Our professional and dedicated staff strives to uphold our record of dependable service while meeting individual needs.   For questions or if you have interest in purchasing any of our used equipment contact Rihm Leasing today.   

Where does our Equipment come from?

At Rihm Leasing we are continually replacing equipment that has been in our full-service maintenance fleet since new.   Once these trucks reach a mileage cap or the end of their lease the company places them up for sale.   The service records and maintenance logs are available.

Maintenance Records are Available 

Rihm Leasing maintains a comprehensive and detailed record of all mileage, service, and maintenance logs for all of its vehicles.

We may have additional equipment for sale that is not shown on this page, so if you’re looking for something in particular, give Scott a call at 612.615.5735 or click on the “Contact Us” below to send an email.